Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Free as a Bird Cage Light!

Found this Vintage Hendryx Art Deco Bird Cage (the Cadillac of cages I am told) & it screeched make me into a lamp. The filaments of the Edison bulb echo the gracefully deco lines of the cage. 

Touch this bad boy anywhere & it dims the light. Open the cage door to change the bulb. 

No birds allowed though, tweety would go batty in this thing. One of a kind (for now)—Looking for more cages. Hanging version coming soon!


  1. A small bird cage can lead to injuries at it may try to escape and get its body parts stuck in between the bars of the cage causing injuries to it's beak, foot or wings. The thickness of the bars can be of prime significance since birds may well bend or even break bars that are too thin.

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  3. this is awesome! Can you please share how you made the light bulb work like that? is there a cord under the cage? thanks!